As you read through these options, please keep in mind that Justyn can taylor any consultation or coaching according to your needs and scenario. Just email Justyn at to inquire.

Ministry Consultations
Why a Children’s/Family Ministry Consultant? When your children’s or family ministry is faced with problems that won’t go away, a consultant may be your answer. In the long run, you can save time and money by funding theright assistance to help you overcome a current obstacle or avoid costly mistakes in the future. It’s like adding a staff member without paying a full-time salary or benefits. has many consulting topics to choose from and if you don’t see what you’re looking for from this list, we can probably still help you:
· Making the most with what you have
· Creating a leadership structure
· Ministry with excellence
· Communicating effectively with the team/senior pastor
· Creating a mission and vision statement
· Doing what you do best—better
· Customer-service is part of ministry
· Brainstorming and storyboarding your ideas

The goal of these consultations is to help you become a better leader. We plan to get down to the heart. We want to identify problem areas and the reason they exist and then strategize practical solutions with you. It’s not just about great ideas, it’s also about practical implementation and together we’ll set you up to win.

These consultations can be done in one of two ways:
· Onsite Visits. You can choose to have Justyn visit you onsite as often as you would like or need. This is the most popular option. Justyn flies in during the morning, stays for as long as you need and flies out.
· Skype/Phone Sessions. You can Skype with Justyn at a predetermined time. This is a contracted session lasting from one month to a year depending on the need.

Fees vary depending the objectives and time required.

Monthly Coaching
If you’re like the majority of children’s ministry leaders you have been thrust into children’s ministry with little or no experience. You’re pastor asked if you could fill in and you’ve been ministering ever since. You work part of full-time. You want to do so much more with the children’s ministry, but you’re just not sure what to do.

Justyn offers monthly coaching sessions by phone. Hear from Justyn and another children’s ministry expert as they explore today’s hot children’s ministry topics. Past experts include Hillsong’s Dave Wakerley,’s Allyson Evans, Church on the Move’s Gabe George and more. Each phone call is limited to 12 participants and includes practical teaching and ample question and answer time.

Not only do you get to participate in the monthly phone call with today’s top children’s leaders, but Justyn will also personally call you to encourage and help you with your needs.

Each month you’ll receive one of Justyn’s top book picks for children’s leaders.


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