Make Ownership a 2019 Goal

The best way to take your children’s ministry to new heights this year is to release authority, create ownership and become an owner yourself.

EVERYONE who works at Disney is a part of the customer service experience.

Justyn Smith, If Disney Ran Your Children’s Ministry

Have you been to a store and noticed a lack of cleanliness or bathrooms that need attending? Everyone on our tea should have the mindset that we are here to serve people, and that includes you, the leader. It may not be your “job” to answer a specific question or pick up that random piece of paper on the floor, but it should be! It’s called personal responsibility. It’s the difference between being an owner and a hired hand. Owners stay late, fo the extra mile, and extend a helping hand even when it’s inconvenient. Why? They do this because they want to win someone’s business and loyalty by showing that they genuinely care. A hired hand clocks out right when the clock turns five and is unwilling to stay a little late because he’s not “paid to do that.” But when everyone on the team has a mindset of an owner, you win people over. And that mindset starts with leadership.


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