Why We Do Easter Eggs


One of the many things I really appreciated about my Christian parents growing up is that we had a lot of fun. I love that we were able to trick-or-treat during Halloween, open presents from Santa on Christmas, trade valentines on Valentines Day and search for Easter eggs and baskets on Easter morning. Don’t worry—we did not drink beer on St. Patrick’s Day! These became fun family traditions. We viewed them as fun, harmless cultural fun as a family.

I’m glad my parents allowed us to participate in these fun traditions. Honestly, I don’t think much of it until I hear from another Christian who can’t believe that we participate in such worldly things. For some reason it seems to them that you cannot hunt for Easter eggs, yet make Easter all about Jesus and His resurrection—it must be one or the other. I still don’t get it, but I definitely respect that opinion at the same time and have nothing negative to say about their choice.

Here is why we do Easter eggs:

• It’s fun! I love watching my kids color eggs. Their artistic and competitive sides come out. Every year we compete to make the best egg. Obviously, as the dad, I reign supreme (but probably not for long—they’re gaining ground quickly)! The anticipation my kids have before finding eggs and their baskets is so much fun to experience.
• Family Time. In our culture, I’m always trying to create or find moments for family time. As our kids grow older, this gets more complex. When you have kids as young as 18-months-old to 14-years-old, we treasure the moments we have together because we know they are becoming less and less. Easter traditions—both spiritual and “wordly”—are something ALL my kids actually look forward to.
• Teaching moment. Easter eggs, baskets and hunts don’t have to be just for fun—though they are. They can also be great teaching moments. Over the years, they’ve created great teaching tools parents can use involving eggs. You can talk about how something is lost and now is found (sound familiar).

For those who don’t do Easter eggs—that’s fine. For those who do, keep doing it, have fun, enjoy your family and don’t forget to talk about the real reason for Easter. Thank you Jesus for conquering death!

I would love to hear your thoughts and memories about Easter.


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