Conviction, Ownership and Calling


We can probably all agree that we have personal convictions about things, we believe in ownership—the “all in, do whatever it takes” mentality—and know God has a calling on our lives. What do you do though when these three at times can seem at odds? The chances are, you will go through seasons where these three do not line up. Therein lies the challenge.

Ideally you want to be walking in the calling of God that reflects the godly convictions you have, which leads to huge buy in and ownership.

Let’s agree that if this was happening, there would be tons of happy people in our world. This doesn’t happen. Life happens. We have to know how to deal with these when they don’t line up in order to feel fulfilled.

Ownership without conviction is where many non-lead pastors/church leaders can find themselves. It’s not necessarily bad. At its core, it’s giving up personal preference or what you feel is the “right way” and carrying out your leader’s desires or vision. You may not agree with a philosophy or conviction of your leader, but if it’s asked of you, you need to own it and make it great.

For example, let’s say you’re being asked by your leader to put on an event for Thanksgiving that’s supposed to bring in the masses. He’s excited about it, but you have no desire to do it. You lack conviction, but you’ll do it and make it great because you’ll own what’s being asked. You can only do this for so long until it finally wears on you.

Conviction without ownership is someone who absolutely believes that she is right, but lacks the ability or know-how to make it happen. It could be that she does know how to do it, however doesn’t put her all into for whatever reason. To be frank, I call this person lazy. Ownership is what separates the great from the mediocre.

For example, imagine you have a conviction to build strong families, but yet you never do anything about it. Your conviction is great. However, if you never do anything with that conviction then what’s the use? Your conviction must be accompanied by a sense of ownership.

The key is recognizing and being aware if any of these describe you and then setting up a plan of attack and asking God for the conviction you need or ownership you lack.

Find your sweet spot of conviction, ownership and calling!


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