New Go Kids CD – THRILL


I’m very excited to announce that we at Go Kids are releasing our second full album called “Thrill”. If your kids attend River Valley Church on the weekends then they’re probably pretty familiar with the songs already. Our River Valley Music team has been writing some pretty amazing songs that correspond with our teaching for the weekend. You can pre-order the CD by clicking HERE.

Some people may ask why we put so much energy, focus and money into projects like this. I think they’re great questions. Our answer is simple. People resonate with music. Generations can be identified by the music they enjoy. More than ever, music has the power to speak into culture, help shape thinking and break down walls all at the same time.

One of the things River Valley does really well is music and worship! We want our kids to be the benefactors of the talent that’s being raised in our church. It’s not just about the talent though. It’s about the presence of God. These songs are not just written to fill a track on a CD. They’re written to help kids worship and understand how awesome our God is. As they sing these songs, they are worshiping Him and speaking life into their circumstances.

Also, we want to write amazing music for this generation. Each generation is different from the previous. We want to be on the forefront of writing music that appeals to kids—music they and their parents would want to listen to. These songs have the potential to reach kids and families that no one is reaching.

We would love to hear your thoughts on children, families and worship. We’d also love to know what you think about our latest project. Please comment below!


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