Follow The Leader


“What happens when the leader is wrong in a top-down culture? Everyone goes off a cliff…” (Leaders Eat Last, p. 143)

This phrase resonated within me while reading through Leaders Eat Last for a second time. Leadership is such a big deal in any culture. Most reading this are probably children’s leaders or pastors. I believe we tend to be some of the most collaborative leaders in the church today. I pray it stays that way as well.

There are many different styles of leadership, but I’m convinced a “with me” leadership style is more powerful than a “for me” style. I’ve never been a fan of a top-down leadership culture. I realize there are probably successful models of it being done, but I think most people, especially Millennials appreciate the respect, empowerment and trust of a collaborative leadership approach. This doesn disempower the leader, it empowers those around the leader to make decisions. This puts the leader in a position to create a safe environment where people have the knowledge to make great decisions.

It’s easy to bark orders (and sometimes feeds my ego by the way) and make decisions, but at what cost to my staff and volunteer leaders? They are here not to be minions, but for me to pour into so they begin discovering and walking into the full potential God has for them. I’m not being a good leader if I’m making all the decisions all the time. I’m being a good leader if I’m guiding my team to make decisions.

I scratch the surface of giving advice on how to create a lead up culture HERE.

How are you empowering your team?


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