Who’s The Star?

walt disney quote
“Disneyland is the star, everything else is the supporting role.”—Walt Disney

Sounds kind of like a funny quote, but right when I read this I felt like Jesus said to me that He is the star in the church and everything else is the supporting role. Sometimes I think we get caught up in the “stuff” of church. There’s no one else who believes in excellence more than I do, but excellence is a “supporting role” compared to Jesus. I felt challenged on what I really think is important. Are the stage lights being in the right position more important? How about the props, game systems, bouncers, etc? If I’m honest with myself I’d have to say that sometimes I can place more importance in the “supporting role” (which can also include people and yourself) than the star—Jesus.

Don’t get me wrong, excellence and attention to detail is important as they are all used to draw people to Jesus. Walking through our children’s environments, you would notice how much we put into our story, details, etc. However, just know everything should take second to Jesus.

As you continue to lead and minister to people remember who the star is.

How does that look in your setting? Do you find tousled focusing more on the supporting role than the staring role and how have you corrected that?


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