Volunteers and Pin Trading

One of the fun small ways we celebrate and appreciate volunteers is through a borrowed idea from Disney (of course). Pin trading! Most fans of Disney are well aware of their infamous pin trading. They have pin trading posts and some pretty hardcore pin trading fans.

If you’re not familiar with pin trading, you basically purchase Disney pins ranging from a few bucks to more expensive elaborate pins. Most people display them on their Disney lanyard and collect them as souvenirs or can literally trade them. In fact, many Disney cast members (their employees) wear these pins on their lanyards for the sole purpose of having them available for trading. It’s a brilliant idea. They’ve created quite a “cult” of avid pin traders, which obviously for Disney means more money.

We took this same concept to appreciate our volunteers (click the image above for a better look). We’ve created a plethora of custom Go Kids pins that our volunteers can either collect, trade or do whatever they’d like. These pins range from anything like teaching series specific pins, years of service pins, classroom identification pins and more!

We give them out as a thank you. Some of our volunteers love them and wear them proudly. Others, not so much, but that’s okay. It’s just one of the ways–not the only way–we appreciate them.

We put a lot of thought and intentionality behind volunteerism, which I’ll continue to talk about on Wednesdays.

What are some ways you appreciate your volunteers?


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