Kidmin Valentine’s Day

Go Kids Valentine's Day
I don’t know what your thoughts are on Valentine’s Day. Personally, I think it’s a fun day. Most kids participate in Valentine Cards and this year we thought we would participate as a kids ministry.
We made Go Kids Valentine Day cards that our kids could use to pass out to their friends. We have already developed our own Go Kids characters (I can blog more about that later), so we decided to use them for our cards (see the above picture). We used some pretty generic phrases that were uplifting and placed our website on the bottom. This was not an invite piece and that was purposefully done. We obviously placed our website on the bottom so kids or parents could get information if they wanted. We also provided tons of heart shaped suckers that kids could use to stick to the card. (Who wants a Valentine without a sucker anyways!?)
This was such a huge hit. Not only did we provide this free of charge for our families, which was a blessing in itself, but we know seeds were planted and families inquired about our church and Jesus as a result.
Imagine getting a Tom E Squirrel Valentine at you party and then seeing Tom E live at church the next weekend. It’s pretty fun!
Next year, we’re going to make this even better. More about that at a different time.
What are some fun things you do for Valentine’s Day? Have you ever thought about doing anything special for Valentine’s Day?

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