Good Leadership Is Like Exercise


“Good leadership is like exercise. We do not see any improvement to our bodies with day-to-day comparisons. In fact, if we only compare the way our bodies look on a given day to how they looked the previous day, we would think our efforts had been wasted. It’s only when we compare pictures of ourselves over a period of weeks or months that we can see a stark difference. The impact of leadership is best judged over time.”

– Simon Sinek, Leaders Eat Last

Leaders are often toughest on themselves. Patience is a virtue I have to work hard at. I love immediate gratification as probably many of us do. Kids ministry is hardly immediate gratification. Sure, there are moments, but for the most part we’ll see the results much later in life. It could even be until adulthood.

Sinek reminds us that the results of great leaders, whether your personal growth goals or seeking the results of your leadership cannot be compared with what you did the day before. If we compare in the short term versus the long term, we become unjustifiably discouraged, frustrated and wanting to cut our tenure too short.

I have such great admiration for children’s pastors—or any church leaders for that matter—who stay at their church over a long period of time. They’re able to see the fruit of years of hard work and leadership. Whether you’ve been at your church for three days or 30 years, great leadership is a marathon—not a sprint.. Allow God and those around you to help shape you as a leader and stick with it!


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