Lights Out On Halloween

lights off

Because I work with kids and teenagers, it’s this time every year that I am asked a version of the following question:

“Is trick-or-treating okay?”


“Do you celebrate Halloween?”

Allow me to explain what we do as a family. First, I understand every family has convictions and I’m by no means demanding that you change those convictions. I’m simply explaining what the Smith family feels about Halloween.

We like Halloween. We feel like it’s an amazing opportunity to reach out and have fun with our neighbors. We participate in dressing up in fun costumes and trick-or-treating with all the neighbors. Once we’re done filling our pillowcases with tons of candy, we come home, daddy takes a candy tax from the kids (in the form of Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups), we count our candy, eat some candy, brush our teeth and go to bed.

Here are some quick notes:

I find it interesting that we are to be light in the world, yet on Halloween Christians literally turn off their lights in their house and ignore kids as they come up to their door. Shouldn’t we shine our light even more bright on Halloween?

Isn’t Halloween a Christians dream? Tons of people coming together, having fun, willingly coming to your door. It’s an opportunity to be Jesus to them without you having to do anything except buy some candy beforehand and hand it out.

I think Halloween-as we know it today-is an American tradition. I don’t believe that when my kids and I dress in costumes and go trick-or-treating that we are worshiping the devil or participating in satanic rituals. I find it hard to believe that when seeds of salvation are being planted that Satan likes that. Absolutely, there are people who take advantage of Halloween and do crazy, evil things. People do that on many other nights as well. Christ in us is stronger and we don’t have to give in to the devil’s power.

For goodness sake! Buy some bulk party snacks for the trick or treaters, turn on all your lights and give kids candy when they ring your doorbell. In fact, give out the best candy-be light! Be the best house on the block.

Don’t use Halloween as a time to pass out tracts (unless it’s with a King Size candy bar). Don’t be “that house” that people avoid. How is that being light? Be real, be Jesus in skin.

Staying at home sends the opposite message to your neighbors. It sends only negative impressions about your faith.

I’m not saying to get into all the ghosts, goblins, witches, etc. What I am saying is to use the opportunity to shine a light to those who are far from God.

Whether you agree or disagree, those are some of my thoughts about Halloween.



  1. We’ll spoken my boy! Took me a little while to fully come to terms with this “radical” mind set while raising you kids, but after we (your mom and I), really thought about it, what a great way to connect with neighbors and just have some fun! You make it what you want, doesn’t have to be evil. I’m finding more and more churches are embracing this season and celebrating Halloween or the harvest season, that’s cool!

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