Worlds Of Wow!

photo by "Worlds Of Wow!"
photo by “Worlds Of Wow!”

Worlds Of Wow is an amazing company with first-class talent! These guys and gals are the real deal when it comes to themed environments and playgrounds.

Check out their themed environment samples HERE!

HERE are their indoor playground samples!!

One of the more brilliant moves WOW has made is in regards to their focus on multi-site ministry. I’m apart of a multi-site church and I can’t tell you how awesome it is to know that there are companies like WOW who took the time to understand our challenges and opportunities. This alone sets them apart from many other themed environment companies.

Regan Hillier and his team have tons of experience and are some of the nicest people around.

Whenever I find great resources and companies I want to pass them along to my children’s ministry friends. Please give these guys a call and check out their website!


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