Social Media Week: YouthMin 2/5

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There are many great resources out there for youth pastors on how to best utilize social media. So many that I’ll just show you a couple instead of writing what’s already written:

Utilizing Social Media in Youth Ministry

Networking in Youth Ministry: The Era of Social Media

Here are some general thoughts I have about social media and teenagers:
• Have no shame in using social media to keep up on teenagers, especially leaders in your ministry.
• Don’t be afraid to address inappropriate social media behavior, especially if it’s someone who’s in a leadership position.
• Remind your youth leaders to be mindful about what they’re posting online. Let them know what you think it appropriate and not appropriate.
• Snapchat is stupid. I’m all about social media, however don’t be blind to the obvious.
• Shout outs are awesome! Shout outs to students are awesome and can make their day!
• Extended conversations between adult leaders and students via social media is a wee shady. If I notice it going on, I have no problem pulling in a leader and asking them to stop.
• It’s better to be too strict with social media than let whatever happen happen.
• We live in a day and age where you can get out information quickly and get a response. Use it to your advantage and don’t be afraid to plan “last-minute” events, especially during the summer (i.e. BBQ’s, ultimate frizbee, beach, etc.). Older teens love making last-minute decisions.

Also, read: 100 Fascinating Social Media Stats…from 2012!!

Thoughts on social media and students? Let me know…


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