Busyness or Business


If you’re like me, you can easily find yourself stuck doing the busyness of life instead of the business that must get done. My wife and I have five children and it doesn’t take long for evening to come and we wonder what in the world happened to the day while looking at our checklist that didn’t get done. We can come up with multiple excuses:

“We have a large family—it’s crazy!”

“There’s too much to get done.”

“If only we lived closer to family.”

The list could go on. Trust me. We’ve said them all.

As I step back, though, and take an assessment of my life, could it be that we get caught up in our culture’s new norm—of being too busy. We have allowed it to be okay to be too busy. Thus allowing the busyness of life to run our day to day.

Busyness only brings frustration, stress, depression, sleeplessness, anxiety, etc. There’s never satisfying busyness. There’s always more “busy.” Whether running from sport to sport, preparing meals, helping at the soup kitchen, getting together with neighbors, running this errand and that errand, oh, and I haven’t even mentioned parenting or going to work.

Stop! Don’t stop life, but stop and do a life assessment. Where do I/we want to be in five years, 10 years, 20 years, etc? Is what we’re doing now going to get us there? What kind of adults do we want our kids to turn into? Busy adults or purposeful and meaningful adults?

Don’t allow busy to rob you of joy, peace, parenting, your spouse, your friends or your calling.

Though not always perfect, my wife and I decided years ago that we WILL NOT schedule our life around our busyness (aka activities), but rather we will schedule ours and our kid’s activities, sports, etc. around our life.

Go ahead and take an assessment. Are you stuck in busyness? Or, do you mean business!


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