“Let The Little Children Come” Review

Let the Little Children Come

What a great ministry tool. I get tracts and various tools quite often to review. They are very hit and miss. In short, “Let the Little Children Come” is a hit.

Here’s why I like this resource and why I believe you should look into it:

* Makes evangelizing fun. Kids are great evangelists. They’re honest about their faith and very genuine. Often times when we encourage kids to evangelize we hardly resource them and we make it boring. Let the Little Children Come just made it fun for them to talk about Jesus. It’s colorful, there are so many different ways they can share their faith. So, maybe not all the resources they have will work, but I will almost guarantee that at least one of them they’ll find engaging.

* It’s super easy to understand. Unsaved children got it. Because of the visuals and words/phrases they could understand, they seemed to have a basic understanding of what our kids were trying to tell them. Obviously, there are still unknowns, but this made it easy to understand and START the conversation with unsaved kids.

* It’s easy to explain. Our kids were able to easily share their faith because the tools are not difficult and actually make sense. Our kids were able to not just talk about their faith, but also show people about their faith. Kids are visual and want to touch tangible thighs. When these tools were given to kids, they asked questions of which most of the answers were within the resources used.

* Instructions are great. I love all the instructions that come with the resources. We found that kids, especially some of the older ones, were able to take it without much instruction from their leaders/parents and do what it said. I’m just impressed with people and companies who make it easy. Let the Little Children Come took at the unnecessary and difficult and made easy to understand instructions.

I gave this resource to kids to use because I want to know it works before I endorse. Five out of the seven kids I gave it to said it was fun and made it easier to talk to their friends about Jesus. I don’t know about you, but that’s all I needed to be a believer. In the end, whenever you can use a tangible resource to teach or explain a Biblical principle–that’s a winner in itself! Let the Little Children Come has several great ones.

I recommend that you check out Let the Little Children Come and see for yourself how this resource will help your kids be more prepared to talk about Jesus with their friends.


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