Start With Why


Start With “Why”.

The above image seems so simple, but it’s revolutionary for churches who don’t currently live by it.

The “Golden Circle” was created by Simon Sinek and if every church did this, I’m convinced they would see bigger and better results for the Kingdom.

In short, most churches promote WHAT they do and then HOW they do it. Churches celebrate the WHAT’s. They celebrate all the people show showed up to this or that event. They’re really good at explaining HOW they want to do WHAT it is they’re doing.

I think where we miss the mark is we seldom explain the WHY. We start with WHAT and usually end with HOW never making it to WHY. Some of the most successful companies—and I’m convinced churches—start with WHY.

A lot of churches communicate something like:

We’re a great, multi-site church with great music. Our services are designed to captivate and inspire you. Join us this weekend!

This is WHAT the church is does and they explain HOW they do it. It’s not very motivating or compelling. The statement above starts from the outside in. Now, imagine starting from the inside out:

We want to see lives changed. God has a plan and purpose for everyone and we want to help you find it. The way we do this is by providing experiences in multiple locations through our services…

The statement could go on, but as you can see it starts with the WHY. Whenever you explain the WHY, people are more compelled to act. It’s not too late. Take a look at WHY, HOW and WHAT you do. First, start with the WHY and work out.

(thoughts from the book I’m reading, Start With Why by Simon Sinek)

What are your thoughts? Does your church communicate WHY? How do they do that?


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