1. Not sure you can really call it a sermon… If the intent of it is to simplify “signals” and just encourage people to move forward and do something, I think this is a rather gimmicky way to do it.

    With advice in Christian circles so often focused on God’s voice and direction, or rather, “signals,” then perhaps it’d be appropriate to actually explain why we should simply “go.”

    But perhaps I’m just missing the humor.

    1. Andrew, the sermon was the shortest…the whole service was an hour and explained everything people needed to know. 🙂

      1. Still not sure it counts as a sermon. Perhaps the whole service then counts as the sermon?

        Either way, not sure I see the point of it. But glad it was fully developed in other ways.

    1. It was the world’s shortest sermon–one word, one syllable, two letters–GO. Would’ve had to have been there. The whole service was actually an hour long and explained the whole thing.
      On a second note. I’ve never seen my pastor so nervous before a sermon! 🙂

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