I’ve Moved and What I’m Learning 2

Church life…

I’m really enjoying the staff and team at River Valley. I’m not sure I’ve been around this large of staff who’ve been so willing to be flexible and accepting of changes. Granted, I haven’t done any huge changes yet and that’s wisdom—a little wink, wink to those who think they know everything and want to change it all. I’m confident as we move forward that God will give me the wisdom and right timing to make the right changes and the team will be 100% behind them.

I’ve been able to pace myself a little more slower than I first anticipated, which has been great. It’s allowed me to focus more on people instead of the program. This will change a little this week as I step into children’s pastor mode (because we don’t have one yet—wink, wink).

Because we are a little bit short-staffed, it’s been a little interesting. Our youth ministry is in a much stronger state than the children’s ministry. Our children’s ministry will experience the most immediate changes. We have staff members to hire (including a children’s pastor—wink, wink), curriculum to figure out, staff members going on maternity leave, new staff members to train and stability to build amongst more. There’s such a good foundation that was built. Our staff and volunteers are ready for what God has for River Valley.

Personal life…

So far, my family is enjoying themselves. We’ve probably spent a little more money than we should’ve, but we’re taking full advantage of what the Minneapolis area has to offer. Part of why we’ve forked out the bucks is that we’re playing the role of tourist and we also want our kids to become excited for what’s here. My oldest still misses her friends and so we’re bonding even closer as a family and looking for those children whom could eventually become good friends with our children.

I’m a West Coast guy at heart, but I’m honestly enjoying Apple Valley and living so close to downtown Minneapolis. I feel like we are really able to get the best of both worlds here. My wife likes country; I like city.

I feel anxious at times because of everything that needs to get done. It can be overwhelming, but I feel God is showing me more and more how to rely on Him and to be anxious for nothing—wait a minute! There’s a verse for that ☺. I can be impatient, but I’m here for the long haul looking down the road. Down the road is looking very bright and promising indeed.



  1. Hey, thanks for the honesty. Being that I am still a college student, I am clearly not in your shoes but I do appreciate the honesty. Reading your posts, I have been able to take some principles away when it pertains to transition. Thank you again for being obedient and I am excited to see what you will do here at River Valley Church.

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