Angry Words Lesson Week 2

We just finished another family experience at our church. Our series was called “Angry Words” and we talked about how powerful our words can be. Obviously, we got the idea from Angry Birds. The kids and parents absolutely loved it. We re-created a giant catapult that launched birds at boxes and pigs. It was a lot of fun. Hopefully, this will spark some ideas or you can just steal what we did. Enjoy!

Week Two Lesson (click to download)

Week Two Service Order (click to download)

Week One Phrase Cards:

Angry Words Coloring Page
Angry Words Coloring Page (click to download)


  1. Very creative! I think this is a great series for kids! How many weeks will it end up being? Also, will you be sharing all of these resources for each lesson?
    Thank you!

  2. Pastor Justyn,
    I’m very interested in your Angry Words curriculum. Would it be possible to purchase them from you. I see you have available for download lessons 1 and 2. How can I obtain lessons 3 and 4.

    Thank you again and congratulations on what looks to be a wonderful series.

  3. I would also be interested in receiving Lessons 3 & 4. Thanks. Looks really awesome. I know our kids will LOVE this series.

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