Generosity and Kids

(The graphic above is what we gave each parent so they could talk about generosity with their children at home.)

Here is a video we put together showing the generous hearts of children. Our church is on a two-year generosity journey and it was amazing to see children lead the way. Obviously, most children do not have money. Furthermore, for those kids who do have money, chances are money does not have the same value to them as it does an adult.

To lead the way in generosity we had our kids take a few weeks to talk about what they could give to those in need. We had a little twist. We didn’t want them to go buy something from the store and donate it. We wanted the kids to give something that was valuable to them. We wanted the kids to experience what it is to step out in faith and give something that is dear to them.

I would like to say that every single child was on board, but I cannot. What I can say is that most children were on board and the stories we heard that are not represented in this video are powerful and would drive any adult to tears. Some of these kids gave away keepsakes that were extremely special. Some gave away a blanket or doll they have slept with for years that meant the world to them. It was a powerful moment. One that I’m sure the kids and parents will not forget.


Kid’s and Generosity


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