Yes, Jesus Loves Whitney This I Know

It’s the talk of America and around the globe right now—the death of Whitney Houston. I was sad learning of her death. I can recall her voice when I was younger belting out those tunes thinking that there was no one else at her level of talent when she was on top. I grew up in a Christian, private school and was only able to purchase Christian music. I finally got brave and purchased my first “non-Christian” album and it was you guessed it—Whitney Houston. The way she died was tragic, but this post isn’t about that. I’ll leave that talk to TMZ and Perez Hilton.

When I heard about the last time she sang, which was an impromptu song with a friend at a party, God dropped a word in my heart. He said, “This is why you do what you do.” Whitney sang “Jesus Loves Me This I Know”. Through all the hardship that she has endured and put herself through, that’s the song she chose to sing. I hear stories time and time again from people who have lost their way that it was their Sunday school teacher’s words or that song they heard in Sunday school that brings them back around.

I absolutely want to make a difference in children’s lives so they are grounded, make wise decisions and never have to go through what Whitney went through. However, even if they end up making a series of bad decisions lead them to a dark place, I know that the hug, love, words of life and encouragement, songs, teachings, etc. are in their spirits. When they’re at their lowest point, it will be those experiences that they had that will rise to the top.

Embrace your calling. Your words and efforts do not return void. Even though you may not see the fruit now or ever, know that what you do has an everlasting impact and can be the very thing that rescues people from their darkest moments.

I know in the end that Whitney Houston was not rescued, but there’s no doubt she was at least thinking about her Creator and what her Sunday school teacher taught her.



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