A Must-Get Interactive Book!

Just stumbled upon this because it’s not even officially launched yet. So, I hope it’s okay I am talking about it!

I really like Theo Presents and I’ve talked about that before. Now, they have come out with another GREAT resource, entertainment, fun, book, whatever you want to call it!! It’s an interactive book for your iPhone or iPad. I bought it and have played with it—my kids LOVE this stuff.

Here’s why I like it:

1. Right now it’s super inexpensive at .99! I’m sure the price will go up because quite frankly it’s that good!
2. More than the price, it’s a great quality experience for kids. That’s right! There are Christian companies who produce quality stuff. In fact, I would put this up against any non-Christian counterpart.
3. It’s user-friendly and easy to navigate. The surprises around every corner are fun!
4. It’s great for children of all ages because the book allows them to explore. It’s interactive and doesn’t tell the kids what to push, where or when. This is great because as they go through the story again and again, they discover new things.

I am looking forward to more of these types of resources for my family from Theo Presents. If Theo isn’t on your radar—put them there! I believe in what they do—quality entertainment/teaching for children and families. It’s great!!

Get the Theo Presents Abraham Story App HERE!



  1. Some of us don’t want ipads or iphones but we have other devices such as kindles or plain old fashion laptops, and we would like to enjoy your interactive downloads as well…will you help us out please?????

    1. I’m sure the team at Theo Presents would love to hear your thoughts about making their interactive books available on other devices. Check them out at http://theopresents.com and email them your thoughts or concerns. They’ve got a great group of guys and gals.

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