Short Term Is the New Long Term

It used to be that people, including leaders, would set long-term goals and work hard until those goals were accomplished. I am not advocating that we do not set long-term goals. Anyone with an ounce of leadership capacity would know that long-term goals are necessary. However, those most research shows that in our rapidly changing society it’s tougher and tougher to set those long-term goals.

So, what short-term 3-month goals are you setting? What “long-term” 6-month goals are you setting? That’s right—6-month goals. Shorter-term goals are great for a couple reasons:

1. They come across as more attainable. You and your team, especially in our non-delay gratification society, create more of a winning atmosphere in your culture when you reach these goals quicker.
2. As mentioned earlier, today is different than a couple decades ago. Life, business, everything is faster and therefore changes faster. The “how’s” of your goals can easily change in just a matter of months.
3. Shorter-term goals seem to keep people focused on less, which usually bolsters productivity, creativity, excellence and quality.

As the leader, it’s our job to always think with the end in mind. Wait! Where have I heard that? Oh, yeah, Franklin Covey. I always like to keep our mission in front of the team, which happens to be our “end in mind”. But, we always set short-term goals because of the change in our culture.

What 3 and 6-month goals has your children’s/family ministry set?


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