5 Goal Writing Steps: Genuine Goals (2/5)

Is your goal genuine? When writing goals it’s important to make sure your goals are your goals. You’ll never be truly driven or be truly fulfilled if you’re chasing someone else’s dreams. It’s okay to ask yourself the question:

“Is this what I really want to do?”

The only thing that should ever trump that question as a believer is God. God is pretty good about letting us have the desires of our heart, especially when we’re walking in His will.

This statement is not implying that you don’t reach the goals set out by your employer, etc. This statement has to do with personal goals and the direction of your life.

Also, make sure that the goal your setting isn’t just something that everyone else is doing or something you saw on the fly and you want to do it now too. Take time and have an honest conversation with yourself and God. Don’t try to trick yourself into wanting it by feeling like you have to justify it. That’s usually a hint that it’s not genuine.

Be yourself.


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