CPC Orlando 2012 Wrap Up

First, I would like to say that Michael Chanley is doing a tremendous job at INCM as evidenced by CPC Orlando. The five initiatives of…

1. Impart God’s truth to this generation
2. Provide a safe and relevant environment
3. Communicate with families
4. Network with a community of leaders
5. Pray for the international children’s ministry community.

…were well represented. I admit that I never really paid attention to INCM before Michael Chanley took the reigns. My impression—right or wrong—was that INCM was irrelevant and had nothing to offer that I couldn’t get anywhere else.

After experiencing first hand the changes, I would gladly assist INCM with their mission.

Now, on to CPC Orlando 2012. I give it two thumbs up. This is definitely something you will want to be apart of either in San Diego coming up or next year in Orlando. Michael is incredible at networking and helping others make connections that will benefit them personally and in their ministry. He brought that to CPC and I heard others talking about that on buses, in the halls and throughout the venue.

The workshops were great. There is something for EVERYONE. Even if you’ve been in ministry for longer than I have been alive—and I met some of you—there were topics, styles and ideas that we all could benefit from. I wanted to skip the sessions I was teaching a couple times because I saw topics I wanted to hear.

Personally, I was able to connect with so many children’s ministry leaders that I admire. This is one huge reason why I love children’s ministry; for the most part we don’t carry around egos. Everyone was very approachable and willing to spend a few moments and it’s those moments I remember the most.

If there was one critique I would give CPC is that I would love to see a more racially diverse conference. I know there are probably many factors that go into that, but I think it’s necessary and if I were a betting man I’d bet that Michael and INCM is already thinking about it.

If you went to CPC, what was your FAVORITE experience and what was your LEAST FAVORITE experience?

I would love to see you at CPC in San Diego. Click here to register!!



  1. Favorite-meeting so many great kidmin. Pretty much everyone seemed so genuine and willing to talk/help

    Least favorite-that I woke up one morning to find 2 packs of decaf coffee and no real stuff in my room! Come on Disney haha

  2. CPC12 was interesting this year. I’ve been to 4 previous CPCs. My favorite part was the Worship times with Go Fish and Denver and the Mile High Orchestra. I also enjoyed spending “Dinner on the Town” with a couple of guys from a completely different cultural background than mine. It was very interesting to listen to the challenges that they face and how different the culture of the northeast is from that of the southeast. I also really enjoyed Larry Fowlers breakout session. He usedscripture as the basis for his entire presentation. I also really enjoyed Beth Gunenberger.

    My least favorite part was that the conference seemed to be “mega” church driven. Just about all the breakout presenters and all the general session speakers each had books or products for sale. I was taught by two different breakout presenters in order to attract and maintain children you must always provide an atmosphere of fun, never “bore” the children. I agree fun is important but engaging children with the Word of God is my first priority and fun is a by-product of that. I was also discouraged as I listen to church leader after church leader discuss how little ministry programming their churched provided. I feel as if the corporate church of today is “chasing after the wind” of modern culture and is struggling to be a light on a hill. In 1 Peter 2 we are urged to be “aliens” in this world.

    Overall I was motivated to keep up the good fight!

    1. Jonathan, great response. Beth was one of my personal favorites. Her story and heart for little ones is incredible.
      What do you think a good breakout session looks like? How do you attract kids and keep their attention in light of your comments?

      Great stuff.

  3. Larry Fowler presented an excellent breakout group; he presented a real world problem and answered it with scripture. I would also like to see more everyday children’s pastors discuss everyday problems and solutions for the every day children’s pastor. Very few of the presenters still presently worked with kids. Most of the presenters were from very large churches with very large budgets and seemed out of touch with common reality. Did you know the average sized church in the USA has only 75 total people attend each week? The other percentage of presenters were from large publishing houses or .com companies. I would like to see less chasing after culture in breakouts and more scripture. John Tasch used zero scripture as backing for his techniques. I may as well have been at a secular live taping of a TV show as opposed to any type of Christian service.

    Your question about maintaining attention seems to be the $64.00 question of the day. In John 12 we are told by Jesus when He is lifted up He will draw people close to Him. I think it starts there. We need to lift Jesus up. We need to make Jesus and therefore the Bible our central focus. In 1 Peter 2:11 we are told “Dear Friends I urge you, as aliens and strangers in the world, to abstain from sinful desires, which war against your soul.”
    My question is how is the global church of today any different that most mainstream forms of entertainment? How are we standing apart as described in Matthew 5 as salt and light? Are we really a city on a hill to a lost and dying world or are we just another form of entertainment. The entertainment may be an initial draw but what keeps the families from hitting the back door after the “entertainment” is no loner entertaining or a better more appealing offer is presented?

    My personal ministry style is high energy. I may fall down, yell at the top of my lungs, tell a story or joke through a skit style format but the central focus is always the Bible. We don’t skip around to different sections of the Bible we always do a systematic study of the Bible. We use high energy tracks for praise time and more subtle lower energy music for worship. At my particular church we have fought off the popular wave of the modern church and still offer close to 8 hours of ministry discipleship opportunities a week. Each ministry opportunity presents a unique experience. We offer Biblically based discipleship opportunities that utilize a variety of teaching and learning styles. We encourage parents to work with their children and for the church not to be the primary source of Biblical education but to use our ministries as a resource for further growth. We also encourage parents to be parents and not just chauffeurs. We encourage the parents to say no. To really evaluate the choice to participate in a sport or activity that takes four nights a week but saying they are to busy for two nights of church discipleship. Are we always successful, no but we try. We push our kids to grow in the Bible. Children are capable of much more than we often give them credit for.

    What are your thoughts? How do you see culture affecting your ministry? Are you willing to ask and expect families to make sacrifices?

    In Christ;


  4. This was my first CPC and I had the time of my life. I took so many things back home with me – contacts, new friends, ideas, inspiration, and FIRE!

    I sat in on two of your breakouts Justyn, thank you so much! I am currently in the brainstorming stages of a quarterly midweek experience for families.. thanks to your class!

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