Child Dedication Celebration Part 1

We launched our first-ever Child Dedication Celebration. What is it you may ask? There are probably a million different versions of it. I will tell you what we did. First, Child Dedication Celebrations is how we dedicate our infants/children to God at our church. Combining the resources of Northpoint’s children’s ministry and are very own Celebrations and Events Director (Brandy Edwards) we created an experience for families who want to dedicate their children to God.

We used to…

We used to do a baby dedication class once a quarter on a Sunday explaining what they can expect the following weekend when we dedicate their child. The very next weekend we would take a few minutes in the service to invite the parents and child they are dedicating to the stage to pray over them. We would give them a certificate, a book and off they went.

There are a few other details, but this is basically what happened and probably looks like how other churches do it.

How we do it now…

Now, we invite parents to take advantage of our Parent Talks online where they can hear our heart concerning parenting. We ask them to do a couple short, but important exercises to help them in this new role of parenting (aka: homework). Once the parenting exercises are complete we offer a Child Dedication Celebration class once a month. This class doesn’t just cover what they can expect on the day of the dedication, instead we focus more on the parents and their role in raising children to make that decision to follow Christ.

We no longer make it apart of our weekend services. We now have made it a standalone experience where they can invite their family and friends. It’s a service geared just for them. The service includes worship, a special song, an opening and dedication prayer from our lead pastor, a message from the children’s pastor and cake and fellowship afterwards.

Our families were floored at everything we did to make it a special night. I’ll talk more about child dedications this week.

How do you dedicate children at your church?

Child Dedication Celebration Resources: (Most our “look” is from Northpoint)
CDC Programming Schedule


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