5 Goal Writing Steps: Written Goals (5/5)

Now, write your goals down. When I first began creating goals for myself, I made a crucial mistake and that was not writing them down. Why didn’t I write them down? I didn’t write them down because I thought having them logged into the abyss of my brain was good enough. Well, it’s not. Heck! Even the Bible talks about “writing the vision down and making it plain”.

Writing out your goals is just the beginning and puts everything in motion. I’ll never forget walking into my pastor’s office and seeing these huge statements on his whiteboard—they were his goals for that year. It was brilliant! Every time he walked into his office, he would stare at those goals and that would help keep him on track.

When you look at your goals everyday, it causes you to think about them. You’ll feel good about your progress or convicted that you’re not sticking to your plan. Either way you’re thinking about them and that usually calls people to action.

Write down your goals and place them in a few spots where you’re forced to look at them.


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