5 Goal Writing Steps: Bucket Goals (1/5)

I’ve learned that our lives can be divided into buckets and a healthy person can manage up to about five buckets effectively. Each bucket can handle up to five sub-buckets. This helps create a healthy balance and boundaries. For example, here are my five buckets:

1. Personal
2. Family
3. Community/Church
4. Vocation/Ministry
5. Finance

I created challenging yet attainable goals for each bucket. Some of my buckets have up to 5 sub-buckets. For example under my Family and Vocation buckets I have:

• Husband
• Father
• Son
• Grandson
• SH’s Children’s Champion
• Writing/Speaking
• Justynsmith.com

It’s important to think about the areas of your life where you want to set goals and see growth. Without putting much thought into it or just throwing a bunch of buckets out there we find ourselves overwhelmed, lost and never accomplishing our goals because we were never setup for success it in the first place.

These are my five buckets. What are your five buckets?


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