Theo Presents Review

I came across a great resource the other day called “Theo Presents”. It’s been around for a little while, but from what I can tell they have yet to really market themselves. You can read more about them by visiting their website at

Here’s what I liked about Theo Presents:

1. I am an admirer and collector of animation. I though their animation was brilliant and reminiscent of animations golden age, which kids and adults still enjoy. Christians, in general, have a bad reputation when it comes to animation and Theo Presents does us good.
2. Their story about the gospel presentation is well thought out. I found myself wanting more. My three-year-old son was absolutely captivated and as a father that’s what I want.
3. The fact that they are unafraid to address theological questions such as salvation, foundations of faith, etc. is impressive. Veggie Tales and others are fun, but very light on content. Theo Presents is fun and does very well with heavy content.
4. You can use it for home entertainment, kids church, homeschool and more. I like how there are so many avenues—it’s very versatile.
5. It’s in the App Store for iTouch, iPhone and iPad.

Here’s what I would still like to see:

1. It’s in the App Store, but none of their content is up to date. As a consumer (and promoter—as I’m doing not) I think it’s bad marketing and press. For families who want more they will be disappointed.
2. Some of the in app purchases are a little pricey. It would be great to see them come down in price a little, especially since some of the segments are so short in length.
3. More produced from their parent company. I think they’re on to something, especially with their quality and so I’d like to see more come from them soon!

My overall thought on Theo Presents is that they have definitely put time, money and thought behind what they do and it shows. As a Christian, parent and children’s pastor I am very appreciative to them and proud to show others what they do.

Here are some Theo Presents links:

Theo Presents Website
iTunes App


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