5 Questions. 5 Answers w/David Wakerley

I am blessed to have relationships with some very cool people in children’s ministry. I have asked some of my children’s ministry friends the same five questions. Here are is what David said:

1. In a short paragraph, tell us about you.
I grew up in Christchurch New Zealand and studied music after school (I have a Diploma in Jazz/Performance…). I married my wife Beci at 21 before we moved to Sydney Australia to study at Hillsong International Leadership College. We are now both full time kids pastors and have two boys Brooklyn and Orlando. If we have more children we are considering San Diego or Portland or maybe even Charlotte if its a girl. But seriously we are living the dream and loving life here in the promised land of Australia!

2. What have you done that has attracted the most kids/families?
We have released 6 albums as Hillsong Kids and one as Hillsong Kids Jr. (preschool worship) Most of these have been live recordings. They have been some of our biggest events with over 2,000 school aged children in one room for the recordings… it’s quite a logistical challenge! Sure, we run big events, but try to keep everyone engaged for a DVD recording is full on! More Churches around the world should try to capture their kids worshipping, it is a huge need around the world and VERY few Churches/Music labels attempt it (I know of maybe one other Church?)

3. What have you done that has had the biggest spiritual impact for kids/families?
We started our preteen ministry ‘Voltage’ about three years ago and by far it has been the most impacting thing we have ever done! What a change in our Church and children. They LOVE coming to Voltage and the transition from kids to youth is markedly better than it used to be. Give tweens their own space and attention and they will connect with each other and God in remarkable ways!

4. What would you never do again? Why?
There are a lot of little things we do inside our events that have taught us a lot… Marquees with hundreds of kids outside in winter, playdough in certain rooms and carpets, excessive amounts of facepaint at camps, improvised theatre with hundreds of kids etc. But the spiritual answer is recognising when I am fatigued and need to take time for myself and God. I hate that feeling and learning to be self aware is a key quality in leadership.

5. What are you working on in 2012?
The next era of our Hillsong Kids Curriculum. We have learnt a lot from the past four years creating a full year of media curriculum and I plan to take that experience and reinvent the whole experience! Look forward to exciting new resources!

Read more from Dave on his blog: http://www.davidwakerley.com/


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