Media & Christians-Chick-fil-a

Absolute craziness! Just a reminder that it’s tough to be a Christ-follower out there especially if you’re successful.

Tebow constantly gets slammed with unfair ridicule and now Chick-fil-a gets bad press. Whether you think they’re right or wrong the way CNN and Anderson Cooper talk about them is absolutely ridiculous and should be embarrassing to CNN and journalism!

What say you?


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  1. Wow!!! This has nothing to do with the religious affiliation of chik fil a and everything to do with a huge corporation thinking they can run all over anyone who may use a slogan that is similar. What is sad is that a 3.5 billion dollar company is intimidated by a guy who prob makes less than 60k working in a garage. The “EAT MORE KALE”, chik fil a is written “eat mor chikin” is even spelled the same nor are the letters written the in the same font.
    If you support chik fila, awesome. My uncle is an operator for 36+ years for the company and my dad was the CFO for Truitt when chik fila first started, so I know the founders personally. However they have gotten away from Truitts founding values and frankly too big for their own britches.
    If you want to see something about chik fila that you may not know, watch “food inc” the movie. It will show you how chickens are treated in a dark chicken house and injected with hormones and chik fil a buys from these chicken farms. I don’t know how the slogan, “being good stewards of all gods entrusted to us” flows with buying from chicken farms that truly are not being good stewards of how they raise chickens. By chik fil a buying from them they are indirectly supporting chicken farms whose actions directly go against chik fil a’s mission statement.
    My point: chik fil a isn’t about god, they are about making money and lots of it. The profits are up 4% over 2010; which will push them above 3.5 BILLION.
    Sad how a company with humble beginnings is turning into a corporate greed machine.

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