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Because I live pretty close to Disneyland, I figured that I would suffer for the cause of Christ, bring my laptop and work from the park. As I’m working there it’s hard not to get caught up in all that is happening. I enjoyed just sitting there and watching the expressions on people’s faces, especially as this was happening. The rest of this blog is on video.

What say you? Would you be comfortable with cross-departmentalizing your meetings to increase creativity? Does your church culture allow that?



  1. This reminds me of what Andy Stanley shared last week at the Catalyst One Day event at Willow Creek. He talked about the first ingredient of creating a “come-and-see ministry” being an appealing setting. Some notes from that talk: Settings create first impressions. An uncomfortable or distracting setting can derail ministry before it begins. Every physical environment communicates something: Clean – We were expecting you! Organized – We know what we’re doing. Safe – We value your kids like you do. Design, décor, and attention to detail communicate what and who you value most. Periodically we all need fresh eyes on our ministry environments.

    1. Spot on. I heard him say those same things as well at the One Day at Saddleback just a few weeks ago. Great stuff!!

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