“But Among You It Will Be Different”

I recently attended an incredible session with Andy Stanley and my big takeaway was what Christ said to his disciples as they were jockeying for position and power. In Mark 10 Jesus’ disciples were asking how to be great and Jesus basically tells them that they can be great, but it’s completely different than how the world does it.

He told them in Mark 10:43 (NLT), “But among you it will different…”

He goes on to say in verse 45 that “Even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.” All of us leaders believe this and preach this, but do we really live it out? Do we really believe that SERVING is what Christ wants from us? Do we enjoy “lording” over people and telling people what to do asking them to fulfill our vision? For some of us—yes.

I would challenge us, including myself, to be different—to serve our staff and volunteers. It’s often times pride and ego that keep us from serving them. We are convinced that we “have arrived” and don’t need to serve. We may not say that, but our actions say otherwise.

I apologized to my team this past week if they have felt that I have them on the team to serve me and my vision. It’s not about me. Sure, I’ve been put in place of leadership, but my role is to steer the ship—not having people serve me. Instead, I should be serving them. We have a mission and I need to flex my influence to help my team succeed. When my team succeeds—we all succeed.


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