4 Things Learned from Gabe George

Earlier today I hosted a Celera Kidmin Coaching call with Gabe George. We had about 12 children’s leaders on a conference call and here’s what I learned:

As leaders we need to be constantly evaluating. We should be continually evaluating Systems, People, Content and Self.

We should ask ourselves two questions—Are our systems effective and efficient? Are our systems safe and to they protect?

Systems are designed not to congest, confuse and prohibit. They are designed to protect, make efficient, empower and help us be as effective as possible. They are sometimes tough to enforce because we are dealing with people’s feelings, emotions and passions, but we must make the tough calls if our systems are being broken.

Do people serve kids? We need to evaluate whether our volunteers are here simply for themselves or are they really here for the kids. Don’t be afraid to ask those who want to be in front to take a backseat and serve. Their intentions in ministry will be on display pending their decision to serve on a “lesser” level.
Do people protect kids? Children’s protection should be our number one priority. If a parent does not feel that their child is safe you can forget about trying to minister and make an impact. Do our volunteers and staff have our kids best interest in mind?

Are your services effective? Are the kids getting it? If they are getting it, how do you know this? This is part of the reason why we are here. We are here to equip children with the knowledge and power of God’s Word. If it’s not coming alive and sticking inside of them perhaps a change is in order.
One way to find out if you’re being effective is to get feedback from parents. Be available to parents so they have an opportunity to talk about what’s happening inside their child’s life. Create a system where it’s easy to receive feedback.

Children’s ministry needs shepherds. We are shepherds to these children and often times to their parents. We need to make sure we are being fed and continue to push the vision.

There’s so much more that could be said. This was just a tiny portion of what Gabe had to say. If you’re interested in joining Celera we are accepting new applicants at half the price at $75/month (normally $150). You’ll have an opportunity to hear from coaches like Gabe George, Dale Hudson, Allyson Evans, David Wakerley, Greg Baird, myself and more! Visit www.celeragroup.org for more information.


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