Kidmin Organizational Setup

I thought I would pass along how we setup our children’s ministry organization. We are a multi-site church and so having a clear line of who does what is extremely important. In fact, I know we haven’t mastered it yet, but this gives us an opportunity to do our best and be efficient.

When it came to the ministry role descriptions. I did lots of research and thinking about what I want the positions to look like. So, instead of re-creating the wheel I stumbled upon two churches that I liked and so I combined the two and did some tweaking.

Champion’s Circle
This consists of myself, the directors and pastors that directly report to me and as of right now the Elementary and Early Childhood Coordinators. As we continue to expand I will probably phase out the Coordinators meeting with me–at least not as often as they do right now.

Our Training Resources Developer develops all our training and creates training and equipping resources for all the campuses. She is also our volunteer gatekeeper. Anything to do with new volunteers ends up going through her. It’s all part of the training process.

Our Celebrations Developer does two things. 1) She assists all our campuses with campus specific and campus-wide events. She doesn’t necessarily do the events, but she’s a huge resource and helps the campus directors develop and think through them. 2) She creates all our “milestone” celebrations, which include First Time Parents, Child Dedications, Salvation Classes, Water Baptism Celebrations and Classroom Graduations. She helps develop these and makes sure they are successfully happening at all our campuses.

Kid Nation Campus Director/Pastor

Kid Nation Campus Early Childhood Coordinator

I would love to get your thoughts and hear from you how you’ve setup your ministries.


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