Lessons from DI – Loyalty (pt.1)

Brand loyalty is a reciprocal relationship that begins with the business. A business must be loyal to its customers to receive loyalty back. – @DisneyInstitute

I read this on Twitter from the Disney Institute and it really resonated in me. I was challenged with the thought as a children’s pastor and leader how loyal I am to my team and the children in our ministry.

Am I…

…forcing them to attend church because I know you cannot give what you are not receiving?
…challenging them to take vacations or a weekend off to rejuvenate and connect with their own families?
…saying “thank you”, “I appreciate you”, “I believe in you” and not just saying it, but telling them WHY I thank, appreciate and believe in them.
…praying over and for my team and kids?
…taking time out of my busyness to connect in a personal and fun way?

We are a church. This is how we show our loyalty. It’s not a paycheck or just another jewel in the crown of eternity. I want my team and church to back what we’re doing in kid’s ministry—I must show my loyalty to them—it begins with the business. It begins with me. I must show that I’m willing to invest and lead on this journey before anyone will follow.

What types of things can you do to show “loyalty” to your team in order to receive it back?


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