Communication Fail

Ever have one of those moments when you feel like everything is going pretty good and then WHAM0?! Yep, that’s me. Our church is going through some good transition right now, but we all know even good transition can be tough. In the midst of some of this I have played what some people would call a typical male in not communicating something that I assumed everyone knew. Because of this I frustrated a great volunteer leader.

As a result…

1. I had to eat humble pie. I had to go and ask forgiveness for not communicating properly.
2. We will be going through our current process of how information is disseminated and properly aligning everything so communication is happening.
3. Take some time to figure out why I didn’t think to communicate something that I should have. I don’t want this to become habitual and I need to nip it in the buttocks!

How do you respond when you’re wrong? What do you do to make it right?

I’ll keep you in the know on a future post about our results and how any changes we make have made a difference.


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