So, I’m back from a 12-day vacation. Three days of driving. Over 3,000 miles on the road. All this with five children and an amazing wife. I would like to say it was refreshing, tons of fun and I now feel energized as a husband, father and children’s pastor. I definitely had lots of fun with the family. I definitely did not get refreshed and am still exhausted. Next time maybe it will be a trip to a tropical island! I think I have to start preparing for it, and start looking at sites like Exceptional Villas to find a good villa or a resort to stay in!

However, here are a few things I came away with after vacation:

1. This is the first vacation that I completely disconnected from ministry. I didn’t respond to emails, texts or phone calls-and it was great!
2. Next vacation I’m going to make it shorter as a family and then take a few days with just my wife to get refreshed. We are already looking at Hotels in Tempe AZ!
3. If I drive a long distance again I’m going to make the drive part of the vacation (instead of just getting up there right away).
4. I have a phenomenal team at church. We didn’t skip a beat. In fact, I heard that many elements we do were better than ever.
5. Moms are amazing. My wife still had to take care of our five kids and a whiny husband who had a horrible cold/cough the whole time.

We probably did more on this vacation than any other vacation-it was jam-packed full of activities. We were full-on Seattle and Western Washington tourists. Even though my wife and I are still totally exhausted, vacations are important because they create memories and allow families to connect. Sometimes we all need to unplug from our devices and go somewhere that we can relax and take in the scenery, like a camping trip to Iceland! A buddy of mine went there recently and said how brilliant it was to just be in nature and not feel so enclosed, he told me the best time of year to visit Iceland so we may make that an option for a future vacation.

If you’re a children’s leader, I would recommend raising up a great team to allow you to completely disconnect and getaway. It doesn’t have to be for 12 days, but a few days would be great.


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