Transitions: Did I Do A Good Job?

I have been through a couple transitions during my short working life. Through every transition I always wonder if what I did was good and lasting. One of the things I look for is if my successor continues on some of the programs I put in motion. I realize that everyone is different and we all have different personalities, but when what you put in place continues to make an impact after you’re gone, it reaffirms decisions and what God has spoken to you.

I was reminded of that this week when I found out that one of my previous churches is continuing something that was birthed through my prayer time. Let’s be honest, I’ve done several things that my successors have changed, but I’ve also seen certain programs, events and systems that have continued and continue to impact children and families.

Here’s what God has been speaking to me concerning transitions:

1. Don’t be offended when—not if—your programs, systems and structure are replaced.
2. SUCCESSor—we should want and pray for our successors to succeed. The kingdom is bigger than one person. It’s about the children and families—not you.
3. It’s okay to ask if you did a good job or not—just don’t lose sleep over it.
4. Don’t ponder too much on the past. Keep looking forward at what God is doing in your current church. Don’t stalk your former church. Don’t keep up with employees on what’s going on.
5. Keep trusting God!!

Personally, I’m about eight months into my post Las Vegas transition. I’ve slipped into the trap of wondering if I made the right decision at times. I’ve felt resentment—some justified, most probably not. Like I’ve mentioned in past posts—transitions are never easy, but they are needed and the longer we trust God the more He reveals the why’s.

If you have been through a transition in ministry, what are some of the post-transition feelings you have felt?


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