Summer Slow Down?

I was just talking with Dale Hudson, a good friend of a thriving church in Florida. We asked how each other was doing and then made a couple small jokes about how there is no slow time or down time when it comes to children’s ministry.

If you’re one of those children’s leaders thinking, “Everyone around me keeps talking about a ‘slow ministry time’ that we’re in right now, but I don’ get it. What’s slow?” then you’re not alone. The truth is some ministries just don’t get the break that other’s might. I was just thinking of myself where the month of July was supposed to be a month to catch our breath, take a few extra days off and get ready for the Fall. Truth be told, it was probably my busiest month getting ready for camps, our summer mid-week program, speaking at conferences and other church responsibilities.

Don’t worry, it’s all about time management and knowing your capacity. Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

1. Be honest with yourself and your employer. Maybe it is too much that you’re doing. Schedule a time to sit down and talk about all that you’re doing. Perhaps by doing that you’ll see how much you actually do or don’t do.
2. Time management. This is always easier said than done. Schedule out your year, quarters, months, weeks and days. Taking the time to do this will save you time in the end.
3. Determine what’s important. There’s the old saying that states something like “Everything becomes important if you don’t identify what’s truly important.” In other words, determine those things that must be done—and it’s not as much as you think.
4. Use summer as a time to build leaders (next summer!). Since there aren’t as many people who attend church, use it as a time to train and mentor people to do some of the things you do.
5. Cut things that are not necessary. Sit down and ask the what’s and why’s of your programs.

As Fall approaches and it has for some of us, do your best to take two days—the world won’t fall apart—and get away. This could be a mini-vacation out of town or a stay-cation in your backyard. Don’t feel guilty for doing and don’t feel like you’re all alone. We can probably do an unofficial pol and find that summer is hardly a slow month. Why do I say this? I just don’t want you thinking you’re the only one. It’s nice to be a part of a community where someone understand what another is going through and can encourage and be a blessing.

Here’s to a busy Fall!!


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