God’s Kids Worship: Countdown DVD’s

God’s Kids Worship sent me a few countdown DVD’s to review. Countdown’s are always pretty cool. I find that the right one’s can create excitement and anticipation for what’s next. They also give guidance to children and volunteers as to when something is ending without taking attention off of what’s going on.

In short, countdowns are good!!

God’s Kids Worship Countdown DVD’s are a good resource for your media library. I would especially recommend this resource for smaller and medium sized churches.

These countdown DVD’s have several different countdown’s to choose from. What’s really different about this set is they provide countdown’s set to slow music. The fast music countdowns can be used for high energy segments of your service, while the slow music countdowns can be used for low energy (i.e. prayer, altar time, small groups, etc.)

If you’re looking for countdowns for your ministry visit God’s Kids Worship.


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