DISNEY MAGIC: Intuitive (part 10)

Common sense is not so common anymore unfortunately. Our intuition doesn’t always kick in because we’re so bound by every rule in a literal way. Now, there are some things that must be followed. Period. While Disney’s intuition often times results in bigger paychecks for stockholders. I like to think of a Christian’s “intuition” being the Holy Spirit speaking to us.

It’s not out of the ordinary for Disney to create or do something that doesn’t follow protocol. They sometimes make decisions based on intuition. They can sometimes make decisions this way because they’ve been in the business for years.

As a Christ-follower, we ought to be leaning on Christ so much that when we need to make a decision we hear God’s Spirit speaking to us and can make a decision on the spot. While I believe we should pray over our decisions. Not every decision we make will allow us the time to pray right on the spot. We therefore have to lean on our “intuition” or Holy Spirit to make those decisions.

We should be close to God and be able to make wise, godly decisions because we’re constantly listening. This comes through time. For seasoned Christians, I hope that you’ve spent time with God and can make “on the fly” decisions because you know God’s heart. For those who are fairly new to being a Christ-follower—it will happen the more you spend time with God.

This is important because as Children’s Pastors we often have to make good decisions on the spot whether it relates to a volunteer, parent-issue, time management or a child, etc.

I like to think of intuition as untapped wisdom. It’s there, but you just don’t know it until you need it.

What are your thoughts? How has intuition effected you personally and a leader in your ministry?


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