The Amazing Backpack Giveaway

Here’s what we’ve got going on at South Hills for back to school. We decided to do a back to school outreach for families and so far the response has been amazing and we haven’t even given any bags out. I’m amazed at the need that’s out there for outreaches like this. Here’s what we’ve done:

1. We created a list of items we need and inserted the following into our weekly programs/bulletins:

2. We called a couple schools and they have agreed to let us go into their schools, do a “character-based” assembly and give out backpacks filled with school supplies to all the kids.

3. We made the call to fill 2,500 backpacks with thousands of supplies (next year we’ll probably have to order 5,000). Our backpacks have our Kid Nation logo and web address printed on the outside.

4. We will also hand out hundreds of filled backpacks to kids who attend Kid Studios Live coming up. Every child who shows up will get school supplies.

I found out that there is nothing difficult about this. It just takes someone to organize the supplies, which can easily be packed into the bags with an assembly line.

People want to give back, especially when it comes to events like this. I would encourage every church to do this!


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