Win the Kidmin Leadership book

I have 6 copies of the new Kidmin Leadership by Jim Wideman and 12 of his proteges from his mentoring group.

I want to give them all away. All I want to know is:

Why is leadership important in children’s ministry?

What are you doing or wanting to do to lead your team?

I’ll announce the winners at 10am (PST) on July 1st!!



  1. Being the first staff person at our church with the role of Children’s Ministry, I am becoming fully aware of the need for leadership, both paid and unpaid staff, in order to impact kids (and their families) with excellence and effectiveness. Just having people who look beyond the weekly planning and understand the overall strategic need is crucial to changing lives for eternity.

    I am in the process of creating a strategic team for developing our program to the next level. This includes delineating our 0-18 scope & sequence needs, gathering a curriculum team to enhance our existing programs, and developing a strategy for getting families/parents more involved in the spiritual lives of their kids.

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  2. Leadership is crucial to Children’s Ministry, because you must replicate yourself in order to have impact with all the children. Right now I’m working with a life coach to expand my leadership skills in order to expand my team’s leadership skills.

  3. I have just started at a church that does not have a leadership team. It will not be the first time I have built a team or cultivated it, but it is a daunting challenge, nonetheless. Our ministry will not move forward without a team of invested leaders!

  4. Leadership in Children’s ministry is learning to use your own strengths, find other peoples strengths that complement your weaknesses and allowing people to experience and try things they never have-not expecting perfection but allowing people to have a chance to grow and learn. Don’t be afraid of failure but be willing to stretch.

  5. Without leadership there would be no focus in your Children’s ministry. Anything goes when there are not leaders in place to steer things in the right direction. Right now I’m not currently leading anything 🙂 but will be next year as part of a church plant and I am trying to plan and prepare everything possible in advance for this time. What I’m constantly trying to remind myself is that my walk with God needs to be the number 1 priority. Without that- my ability to lead is compromised. Would love a copy of this book!

  6. As a volunteer in children’s ministry, I believe leadership is essential both from the CP and the core team. Everything flows down. If your CP and core team take ownership of the ministry, then your volunteers will too. The people on the core team (including the CP) have to be coaches who encourage and equip the volunteers to do the ministry.

  7. Leadership in children’s ministry is more than leading kids. It’s leading others who lead others who lead kids. It can be overwhelming to think to you can somehow manage every detail on your own. Learning to delegate, learning to appropriately give responsibility with authority requires leadership.

    Developing leadership takes time, practice, and a healthy amount of evaluation. The more we develop our leadership skills, the greater our impact on our team, kids, families, and community. We cannot merely be content to drift in what is comfortable, but we must be willing to lead others and allow them to fail. As we learn together, we can grow. Moses was leading God’s people and the majority of that time was spent wandering. During that time, however, Moses was growing as a leader and the people were growing in the knowledge and faith in God as well.

    Right now, I am expanding my own leadership skills into others. I hope to strengthen my team as we prepare for some new ideas, new challenges, and new opportunities to impact lives. We are growing together and I have seen our team take leaps and bounds in their own ways. We are structuring plans to continue that trend and help our next level of leadership begin to lead others with them.

  8. Leadership drives the direction and vision for the children’s ministry. Without leadership you end up doing things for the sake of tradition or programing instead of developing purpose and goals. I equip my team with resources, encourage them in their own walk with God and leadership, and develop a REAL relationship with them on a continual basis.

    Really looking forward to seeing what Jim has to say. His wisdom is such a blessing!

  9. I am a new Youth Minister (K-12) trying to put a solid leadership team in place. It is not about a one man band, but about many people making disciples who will make disciples.
    I am trying to figure out how to train others to take leadership over different areas. I am allowing people to try different things and seeing where their strengths and weaknesses are.
    I want to take the ethos of our church and allow that to flow from adult to teen to children. So that kids are not having a show put on, but they’re being presented with people that love them and want to serve them and serve others. Also, want to help them serve others.
    So I guess I’m not really answering questions so much as trying to figure the answers to those questions! 🙂

  10. Why is leadership important in children’s ministry?

    There must be at least one leader in children’s ministry selling the vision of the children’s ministry and how it compliments the vision of the lead pastor. Without leadership in children’s ministry, many awesome kidmin leaders are laboring for an fuzzy objective.

    What are you doing or wanting to do to lead your team?

    Im wanting to take our team to the next level, but it is not exactly easy to know what that is. Maybe Bro Jim’s book will open my eyes to see some things that I have been blind to.

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