DISNEY MAGIC: Nurture (part 4)

Disney nurtures their employees by taking care of them and their surrounding environments. This means there are opportunities to further their education that will benefit the employee personally, which then many times benefits the company.

By us providing growth opportunities it does a few things:

1. It shows we care about the individual. One reason I am at South Hills Church is because they invest in my growth as a leader, father, husband, etc.
2. It raises the quality of leadership in your ministry or church. The leader you brought in as a 5 slowly (or quickly) becomes an 8 and eventually a 10. The only way you can have that 10 leader is if you’re willing to invest in them.
3. Your ministry or church increases it’s capacity to handle spiritual, numerical and financial growth. As your leadership expands their capacity to lead, you can do more as a church.
4. You can do less things better. As the children’s pastor at South Hills I would rather not be bogged down with many of the important tasks that must be done to run effective. Why? Because I’m not the greatest at details. Therefore, if I can raise up leaders to lead in those areas of details, I can be released to do less things better instead of many things okay.

What do these “growth opportunities” look like?

1. Spend quality one-on-one time with high-level leadership. Invest into their lives personally
2. Do training events at your church for your team. You can also begin to release some of your high-level leaders to lead these events to help them in their speaking and training gifting.
3. If you have a budget, make sure you set money aside for appreciation, which can include a trip to a conference.
4. Share the goods of all the free resources online—there are many a days!!
5. Order a magazine subscription. You can choose from K! Magazine, Group’s Children’s Ministry Magazine or other leadership resources.

The point being it doesn’t have to be expensive. Whether you have thousands of dollars to spend on your staff and volunteers or have no money, there are many ways to nurture your team!


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