DISNEY MAGIC – Extra Mile (part 5)

Here’s a story I learned from Larry Johnson while he was spending time with the Disneyland Resort. He met a maintenance specialist names Eric and here’s what happened:

Eric was installing a generator into the ground in front of the hotel when a family approached him and asked directions to the tram stop. Eric began to explain how to get there which was about 200 yards away, but realized he was not succeeding in his efforts because the family was from Germany and spoke little English.
So Eric stopped what he was doing and offered to escort the family to the tram stop. Nice touch. But Eric didn’t stop there. During the trip to the stop, Eric discovered that the reason the family was at Disneyland was to celebrate the seventh birthday of one of the children. After leaving them at the tram stop, before going back to work, Eric went into the hotel and made arrangements with the concierge to have a bouquet of flowers, a birthday cake and a stuffed Mickey Mouse waiting for the little girl in their room when they returned from the park. Now that’s going the extra mile and creating the magic that is Disney.

What an incredible story about going the extra mile. The church has a lot to learn about going the extra mile. I realize that we are not in a customer service business, but at the same time we are. People decide to attend a church largely based on relationships and their first impressions. This all has to do with “customer service”. What are you doing in your children’s ministry to provide amazing customer service?

For example, this recently happened in our children’s ministry:

Samantha recently heard about South Hills because her daughter attended Kid Studios Live. Her daughter had such an amazing time that Samantha had to check it out. So, the next weekend she brought herself and daughter to church. As Samantha was being checked in the first impressions team learned that it was her first time. In light of this Samantha was walked through each part of our process in detail.
Samantha had someone who was focused only on her and answered all of her questions. Not only this, but her daughter was given a few special gifts from our first impressions team to welcome her to Kid Nation. We walked her to her the Kid Studios building explaining everything she needed to know. After this, Samantha had questions about the adult service. She was very nervous about how our church worshiped as she grew up in a more traditional church. We answered all those questions and gave her some material to explain who we were as a church.
After all this, we even bought her a cup of coffee. The first impression team member who bought this coffee paid for it personally.

This is one of many examples we have done our best to go the extra mile. People want to feel important and valued. It doesn’t have to cost money, it only has to cost thoughtfulness and some time. Samantha and her daughter experienced the “magic” that makes Kid Nation what it is. Do we do this all the time? I wish I could say we did, but we do our very best!! I’m happy to report that Samantha and her daughter have been back numerous times and though I’m not certain they’ve made this their home church, I know they love the ministry we offer.

What say you? If you have any stories, I would love for you to share them. Thanks.


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