Gain. Retain. Invest. Return.

Gain. Retain.

Sounds simple, righ!? My pastor came to me and said, “Justyn, I need you to gain and retain kids. Whatever it takes. Just get the kids here and keep them here.”

I must admit that I’m very honored and humbled to work with a team who makes kids ministry their number one priority period. Along with being honored is a little bit of pressure—a good pressure—to deliver what my pastor wants and that’s a whole bunch of kids packed into our auditorium. We believe that if you can connect with the kids that their parents and families will follow.

I live by a motto I heard from Craig Groeschel when I heard him say something like, “I’ll do whatever it takes—short of sinning—to get people saved.” The same thing for us. We have determined to do whatever it takes—short of sinning—to get kids connected with God and into a community that genuinely cares for them and their family. My church spends the money, lifts the red tape and give a passport for us to do what we need to do. Now, it’s up to us to deliver.

When you make an investment you expect a return. I know my pastor is expecting a return on the investment we are making into children’s ministry. The return should be kids and adults getting saved and plugged into a local church. We’re seeing it happen too. Almost every weekend—not charismatic exaggeration 🙂 —I run into a parent who tells me they are here because their kids fell in love and can’t miss our new Wednesday night experiences. This means our mid-week bridge event is working and we’re beginning to see a return on one of our investments.

My question for you is simple. What are you doing to gain kids and what are you doing to retain them? It could be an event, a service, investment into staff/volunteers which love on kids and families, etc…


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  1. We retain students and kids by connecting them with a leader. If our leaders are Jesus to the students and love them, students will want to come back and want their friends to experience it too. Great thoughts!

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