DISNEY MAGIC – Innovation (part 2)

I love Disney’s ability to innovate. It’s unparalleled. From Walt’s very beginning of the infamous Steam Boat Willy to the first full-length animated feature Snow White to the many rides of Disneyland and beyond, Disney knows how to innovate. I love how they don’t do something the easy way, instead they dream outside the box and give themselves no limitations when dreaming up the next project. Even when their innovative ways started to wane they were able to recognize that and find a way—or I should say purchase a way—to be innovative (i.e. acquisition of Pixar and Marvel, etc.)

What are you doing as a children’s ministry to be innovative?

Innovation is putting no limitations on your dreams. I totally understand finances or lack thereof, but I believe innovation is bigger than that. We have some innovative ideas that are shelved until we have the means to make it happen, but we have many innovative ideas that we make happen now. We feel that we were innovative in writing our weekly teaching as it starts on Wednesday and ends on the weekend with family discussion points in between.

Innovation can be…

1. If it’s not being done in your area—do it. In other words, find what’s working for someone else and do it. It’s innovation for your community.
2. Something totally new that no one is doing. Whereas the point before is copying something that’s working for someone else, this is doing something totally original.

To relieve some of you who feel like you’re not creative or don’t have the means of mega-churches. Innovate is described “making changes to something already established.” Think about how people tell stories of the Bible. How can you innovate story telling? The list could go on.

What kind of innovation have you done or are you thinking about?


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