DISNEY MAGIC – Details (part 1)

If it’s one thing Disney does well it’s details. Where most theme parks cut corners, Disney invests—or at least gives the impression—in the details of their park. From cleanliness to fresh paint to the way they hide construction to costumes to everything they do it’s all about the details. In fact, most ministries do 80% of ministry well, it’s the last 20%—the details that separate good ministries from great ministries. It’s not that there is anything wrong with Knott’s Berry Farm, Six Flags, Cedar Point, etc., it’s just that Disney pays attention to details. It’s why they are the theme park kings. It’s why they are the standard to which every other theme park measures themselves.

Next time you go to a Disney park look around. Pay attention to the sculptures, the actors, the hand painted murals and costumes. They pride themselves in the details. It’s one of the reasons I enjoy going back. I always notice something new because there’s so much to take in.

As a ministry, are you paying attention to the details? We do our best from greeting our guests to our “uniforms” to paint and carpets, everything deserves our attention. I’m a t-shirt nazi. We give all our volunteers a Kid Nation t-shirt and it’s my expectation that all our volunteers wear their t-shirt. It’s important that we make a good first impression. For us, that means wearing our Kid Nation t-shirts with a lanyard walking new families through the check-in process, walking them to their classrooms and answering questions about children’s ministry or our church as a whole.

I want to make sure cords are not hanging out, banners are straight, the stage is clutter-free, the floors are swept and every other detail is done. The details are what separate the good from the great. I have determined in my heart and ministry that we want to be great. It doesn’t mean we’re perfect. Even Disney misses here and there. It’s not about perfection, it’s about creating a culture of paying attention to the details.


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