Cater to the Best

“Run the team so the best people love it.” -Karen Smith

I recently heard this statement, which impacted my thinking on how I structure our ministry and relate to volunteers.

Often times we spend too much effort and energy trying to excite those who aren’t excited about ministry. In doing so, we forget about those who are excited. Those who are excited are the ones who already do the majority or the work and leading. So, run your team in a way that will energize your best players.

Instead of trying to appease the unappeasable (new word), lowering expectations or spending valuable energy on the 1-5’s in your ministry so they’re comfortable, make your 8-10’s comfortable. What hopefully begins to happen is that people see the best loving what they’re doing even more and want what they have. Well, to get what the best have they have to become the best. Or, what can happen is the best are catered to in a way, which causes them to reach out and mentor others calling them up to be the best.

When placing structure, processes and measures in place think of the best.



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